General Aviation Safety Information Leaflet.  The CAA Accident Prevention Leaflet.

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See below a number of presentations from the EASA SMS conference Part 145 and Part M



Ocean Operations Awareness

For those who would like to understand more about Oceanic Operations, the following links will tell you everything you need to know!!

“Trackwise – Targeting Risk Within The Shanwick OCA” explains some of the how’s and why’s of Oceanic Operations and can either be viewed in one go via the first link (1hr 12 mins); or though the various sections outlined underneath.

Trackwise – Targeting Risk Within The Shanwick OCA –   Complete Video  
Shanwick Oceanic – An Overview                    
Shanwick Oceanic – The South East Corner     
Shanwick Oceanic – Large Height Deviations    
Shanwick Oceanic – Lateral Deviations              
Shanwick Oceanic – Longitudinal Deviations        
Shanwick Oceanic – Emergencies Overview        
Shanwick Oceanic – Weather Deviations             
Shanwick Oceanic – SLOP                                  
Shanwick Oceanic – Navigation Input Errors       
Shanwick Oceanic – ADS                                    
Shanwick Oceanic – ICAO Information             
Shanwick Oceanic – Error Avoidance               


Busy R/T
Pilots flying at or near busy aerodromes are aware that it is often difficult to “get a word in edgeways”.
It is important, in some cases vital, to make one’s radio calls as accurate, brief, and clear as possible, in order to reduce the time spent transmitting, thereby making time for others to call.  Read more…..

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