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CPT unveils new Cessna 406 Part 147 course

Command Pilot Training has announced that they will now be offering part 147 type ratings for the Cessna 406.

The course comprises of 15 days of theory at Coventry, with a further 40 hours of practical training.

Courses will be starting throughout the year.

For more information, or to book places on an upcoming course – contact Command on 02476 016 116.

Command Pilot Training, a division of the Air Atlantique group, offers EASA licence conversion training as well as complete modular pilot training packages in addition to a host of ground school courses for pilots, engineers and operations staff.


GlobalAir Logo provides aviation resources including an airport resource center for pilots, FBO fuel prices, aviation news, and aircraft for sale.





IS-BAH manual order form

BBGA IS-BAH Order form


Useful information on Third Country Operators, (TCO’s).  It covers applicability, applications and technical issues.


EASA Final 4 year Rulemaking Programme 2014-2017

Final 4-year Rulemaking Programme 2014-2017.xlsx


We are working with SOCA on our illegal chartering task force and they have provided us with some information to help protect your business activities. Please take ten minutes to review the attached papers. Please feel free to share these with your organisation to help prevent anyone from being caught out.

Travel Fraud Case Study

PROFiT Industry Breifing Note – Card Transactions


GAAC have produced useful information for those facing planning applications around their location. Be they airfields or operators who feel that wind turbines could impinge on them.




The Oxford Economics Report

_EBAA_Oxford_Report-Final03 – Digital[1]


New SFO Guidance on Bribery Act – Hospitality, Facilitation Payments and Self-reporting.–corruption/the-bribery-act/questions-and-answers.aspx


Please find below the attachment, Part 21 revised.


Please find in the attachment below a useful leaflet regarding illegal flights.

Illegal-flights_passengers_v5 (3)


Please find below information to assist in reviewing your safety culture. It has been developed by Eurocontrol, however, the content could be adapted and used for workshops in any organisation.

Eurocontrol safety culture cards



IS-BAO Manual order form 2013


IBAC-SMS Toolkit

Do you have an appropriate and effective SMS, are you working on developing one, or are you wondering how to do it?

The requirement for commercial operators, and non-commercial operators of turbo-jet and large aeroplanes to have an SMS is quickly approaching. Therefore, you may be interested in the SMS Toolkit that has been developed by IBAC and its member associations with operators like you in mind. The Toolkit includes a hard copy booklet that provides a step-by-step process to develop and implement an SMS plus a CD that contains numerous reference documents and more than 15 individual tools for operators to use in developing, implementing and maintaining their SMS.

An SMS should not be viewed as only a regulatory requirement. An appropriate and effective SMS can enhance safety, efficiency and effectiveness of an operation. A well developed SMS will not cost money, it will save money.

The SMS Toolkit will be included with the January 1, 2009 IS-BAO revision, plus it is available as a stand alone product.

For further information on the SMS Toolkit, download the order form:

SMS Toolkit Order Form

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