BBGA PLAIN blue1 (2) smallerBBGA Annual Conference and Golf day 19th & 20th March 2015

A Time for Change

Selsdon Park and Country Club, South Croydon.

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09.00 – 09.20            Welcome Reception and Registration with coffee and Danish

09.20 – 09.30             HRH Prince Michael of Kent – BBGA Patron   

09.30 – 09.45             Welcome Address – Marwan Khalek, BBGA Chairman

09.20 – 10.30            BBGA press session –Media centre located adjacent to conference hall.

Members of the press are invited to attend this session together with marketing individuals to offer news and press releases directly to the media.

09.45 – 10.30             Lloyd Dorfman, CEO Travelex

                                    Lloyd Dorfman – President of Travelex and an entrepreneur over many years is looking to provide us with an insight into his perceptions of our sector and the experiences he has had over the years as a user gaining business benefit from business aviation. However, we should expect to hear some interesting insights and receive some challenges from our presenter. Given that Mr Dorfman represents the 85% of clients that utilise business aviation for primarily corporate use then I believe we should listen hard to what he has to say.

10.30– 11.15             Andrew Haines, CEO CAA

                                    Andrew Haines CEO of the CAA has been looking to engage with our sector in a very positive way over the last few years. The CAA is facing massive change in both their regulator philosophy from compliance based regulation to the very modern performance base regulation. This model is based on risk based oversight and the CAA is leading the way in Europe with this initiative. In any organisation that is facing, process reengineering, new IT systems and effectively a change in philosophy, it all adds up to a significant cultural change. I am sure that Andrew will highlight current progress, but equally he will be looking to continue his focus on delivery of service, which he would be the first to acknowledge, is a new approach for a regulator.

11.15 – 11.45     COFFEE BREAK                  

11.45 – 12.20            Trevor Woods – EASA Standardisation Director

                                    Trevor Woods recently appointed to the role of Certification Director for EASA is part of Patrick Ky’s new executive team. With EASA’s focus now shifting towards implementation of existing regulations, rather than their focus on the remaining rule making process EASA are also facing a significant cultural change. In particular Trevor has been with our European arm ECOGAS and its professional pilot group IPPTG to address some of the major issues faced by ATO’s in terms of how regulation is being implemented in that field. We have had some positive developments in recent months and I am sure we will hear something of this.

12.20 – 12.55            Kurt Edwards, IBAC Update

                                    Kurt Edwards the CEO of IBAC will provide us with some insight into the latest developments being undertaken by the council on behalf of Business Aviation. For those who don’t know IBAC is co-located with ICAO as a body they are ideally positioned to try and impact the basic regulation which feeds both EASA and FAA legislation. So whilst many of the activities are for the long game it is a vital body to ensure that we are not forgotten as a community. As we know many places still perceive business aviation incorrectly all over the world and IBAC allows those international organisations to come together to drive initiatives to benefit the members, talking of new initiatives the new IS-BAH initiative was launched in 2014 and I am sure that Kurt would like to update us on its progress to date.

12.55 – 13.20            Industry Consolidations and what this means for us.

                                    Speakers Panel:  Murray Law, Patrick Margetson-Rushmore and more TBC

13.20 – 14.15     Lunch

14.15 – 14.40            Richard Koe WingX Advance

                                    Real time tracking and analysis of business aviation movements. WingX are Business Aviation specialists with expertise in intelligence: data sourcing and analysis to inform commercial operations and strategy.

14.40 – 15.10            Marc Bailey, CEO BBGA – Industry Update

Marc Bailey will be focusing on the hot topics of the day and there are one or two which are exercising our community at present. We are currently in the middle of seeing some fundamental changes in the service provided by Border Force. Plus whilst other sectors are benefiting from reduced and even removed APD, we in business aviation are just about to receive a totally disproportionate levy without any consultation.  On a positive note we have made great strides with some of our training initiatives and our efforts to align industry as a whole under the banner of Aviation Services, is finally getting some traction.

15.10 – 17.15     BREAKOUT SESSIONS

Training Sessions – Peter Moxham -Flight Ops, Ground Ops and ATO’s.

This breakout session will act as a meeting during the conference looking at the issues facing the Professional Pilot Training Industry with senior EASA and UK CAA personnel in attendance.  A briefing will be given on the new EASA Aircrew Training Policy Group which will be carrying forward all future Professional Pilot Training issues and on which we at ECOGAS have a seat.  The meeting will be of value to anyone involved in Professional Flight Crew training including not only ab-initio trainers but also those involved in type Rating, Base and Line Training and the very latest information will be made available.  If there are specific issues affecting your training and testing of students as well as recurrent training issues then please let us know and we will ensure suitably qualified persons are in attendance.  This is a real opportunity to question what is happening and the changes in the pipeline.

IS-BAH Session – Terry Yeomans

Our breakout session on IS-BAH will be led by Terry Yeomans and having taken on the project for IBAC last year as the Programme Director Terry brings years of operational experience to the role, having been on the receiving end of many of the issues which IS-BAH seeks to improve. This is a really interesting concept because as an industry standard this is at the forefront of a new approach which fits in well with our regulators change in approach. If industry can develop and operate to a standard whilst delivering better business value then the regulator will welcome the approach. The alternative is to call for regulatory change and dare I say even the best implemented regulation becomes variable over time. So this is about taking industry responsibility.

CAA Brainstorming Workshop – Mark SwanOpportunity for Members to feed directly back to CAA

We are fortunate to have secured a CAA breakout session led by Mark Swan the SARG Director who was so well received last year. Mark really wants to hear of our issues and it is a great way to give direct feedback on performance and to receive the same back from our regulator. We will be encouraging participants to share their questions, or general concerns in advance so that we can get the best possible information on the table during the day.


BBGA PLAIN blue1 (2) smallerBBGA Bombardier Golf Day.

31st July 2015.  The Berkshire Golf Club


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