Pilot Training

G650Pilot Training is perhaps the most important aspect of the entire aviation industry, be it civilian or military. More than one hundred General Aviation pilot training schools and clubs are operating in Britain, producing some 2,500 new pilots each year. Many go on to obtain commercial pilot licences, graduating from the grass roots level of club flying to the air taxi and airline industries. Several commercial pilot training schools are also in operation, attracting airline trainees from every part of the world and earning valuable foreign currencies for Britain. Thus, virtually every new professional pilot begins his or her career in a General Aviation aircraft.


BBGA members Oxford Aviation Academy offer pilot training.

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Since our concTAG Turnkey Trifold.2eption by TAG Aviation in 2007 we have become a fully integrated training solution for Pilots and Cabin Crew based at Farnborough Airport. We train approximately 3000 pilots and cabin crew from TAG Aviation and some 70 other UK and Overseas Operators each year.

TAG Global Training was the first UK Approved Training Organisation for the delivery of Attestations for Cabin Crew on both Commercial Airliners and Business Jets.

half page advert 120x177 v1Our growing portfolio consists of CAA and ISBAO approved SEP, Fire and Smoke, Security, CRM, Wet drills, Survival, First Aid and Dangerous Goods Courses. We can accommodate student classes from 1 – 18 delegates and available to visit on site. Our e-Learning programme compliments our ground school delivery.

At TAG, we put just as much emphasis on the soft skills needed to compliment legislative training which include, Silver Service training, FBO/ Concierge training, Teaching and Learning for Line Training Captains and Client Focus training with the emphasis on protocol when addressing high net worth clients.


BBJ/ACJ Crew Training Incorporating Slide descents

Bespoke corporate jet fitted fire and smoke rig

All course created and delivered by industry Subject Matter Experts

Over Wing Exit mock up approved by the UK CAA for 10 different types of Business Jet


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